Update Your Brand with a Logo Redesign

 Is it time for you to refresh your logo?

Your company logo should tell the story about your company. If it doesn’t, then maybe it is time to consider a logo redesign. As your company evolves and grows it is important to keep the design of your logo relevant. A logo refresh can showcase a new direction that you have for your company. Even small changes to your logo can be impactful such as simplifying the design so that it translates well with the digital trends. A new logo can create a stronger visual identity while telling the story of your company. Whether you decide to change the image, typography, or color to make a dramatic change or just create minor changes.

Most companies “evolve” their logo (logo redesign) over time to help keep their brand fresh and memorable in the minds of their target market. Take a look at some of the more well-known logos and how they have evolved still keeping a consistent look and identity.

An important part of a modern marketing program is continuity. FEA can update or enhance your current logo, or create a new logo, to bring a fresh look to both your digital and print marketing material. We begin with the design of your logo to capture your company’s unique qualities. Then we progress through every aspect of your corporate identity to unify your brand. Updating your advertising and marketing material creates a visually appealing, contemporary appearance. The result is a cohesive, planned message that creates greater recognition in your marketplace.

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