FEA provides a full range of strategic advertising and marketing solutions. Our approach to Web design and development, advertising and PR, and branding is highly collaborative and fully integrated. The result is increased awareness and market share for your company. 

Marketing, PR & Branding

Marketing, Public Relations & Branding impact a company’s image and drive revenue and profits. An important part of a modern marketing program is continuity. Fitzgerald Esplin Advertising integrates all elements of your marketing and advertising. We begin with your logo and progress through every aspect of your corporate identity to create a visually appealing, unified, contemporary appearance for all your advertising and marketing material. The result is a cohesive, planned message that creates greater recognition in your marketplace.

Advertising Campaigns & Marketing Plans

FEA develops strategic advertising and marketing plans, and then executes them in powerful, persuasive digital and print campaigns. We also create printed material, from parts catalogs to capabilities brochures to direct mail that all fit seamlessly into existing programs. We can work with you to develop a full marketing/advertising program, or on a project basis.

Media Buying & Placement

Our media buying skills saves clients money and increases the reach and frequency of their advertising. We wield more strength, and can buy more for less, since we represent many companies. We often receive special promotional rates, extra placements and spots and other bonuses.

FEA provides clients with regular summaries on the effectiveness of their advertising, as well as ongoing recommendations. The result is you save time and money while you increase the visibility and reach for your business.

Press Release Marketing Services

We write and distribute news-and-print worthy press release to put new developments at your organization in front of current and potential clients. Our press release services are effective, cost-efficient and targeted to your key markets.

Feature Article Generation

We’re ready when your company does something newsworthy that exceeds typical press release length. FEA writes feature stories that e- and print publications regularly use and feature. We brainstorm feature story ideas with you, research the type of stories currently used most, then create and distribute well-written, well-accepted articles.

Brand Logo Design

FEA can update or enhance your current logo, or create a new logo, to bring a fresh look to both your digital and print marketing material. This is the first step in developing a corporate branding strategy.

Company Branding Guidelines

FEA develops graphics manuals that provide specific details on every aspect of your corporate identity. These details can include treatment of your logo, its use on the Web and in print, sizing, fonts, and recommendations for file formats.

The final step in a cohesive FEA branding program is its integration into all of your digital and print marketing material. This strengthens the link between name, brand and your products or services.

Content Strategy & Copywriting

Our copy is based on a content strategy that identifies the keywords and phrases that your target market search on the Web, or respond to in print. We then skillfully integrate these words and phrases appropriately into your web content, blogs and presentations, as well as your ads and marketing collateral.